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An emotional well-being friend asks,

“I am a divorcee who does not believe in love at first sight; it’s just an infatuation. I’m 31 and ready to embark on the next chapter of my life, and need a strong and healthy relationship. Someone I know recommended a matchmaking service, and said a dating agency helped him find his dream girl. What do you think of these services, as I’m thinking of signing up on one?”

At 29, I too had dreams and a wanton desire for a life partner. I intuitively believed that he was out there, and that it was just a matter of time before he’d come along. Well I kissed a lot of ugly toads, and discovered the mistake I was making, is that I was looking externally for a life partner, when the best life partner I could ever find, was within me.

I realized that searching for someone else to make me feel whole, complete, energized, and fulfilled, was a cop-out, and a fantasy that I had created. I learned that if you can be the person you want to be with, everything changes.

I have heard that these matchmaker sites can be expensive, and I would imagine most candidates on them are of the slightly older set, or married to their work, with little time for social pleasantries.

Give yourself the life you want. Be the gorgeous person you are within, and let yourself shine, and you will be a magnet for things you never imagined could happen.