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A relationships friend asks,

“My boyfriend and I were together for a year and a half and just broke up. He has a lot of demons and personal struggles that he needs to manage before he can have a successful relationship. We didn’t have a horrible breakup, but it certainly wasn’t a good one either. We frequented the same spots before we met and went there together and now I see that we both continue to do so now that we’re apart.

He obviously isn’t too worried about running in to me if he’s continuing to go to these places and I don’t want to feel like I have to give up my favorite spots just because he’s there. My friends spend time there as well. I know the initial run-in will probably be awkward and I don’t think either one of is interested in watching the other flirt, but I’d just rather get it over with. He always had all the “power” in the relationship and it’s become a personal mission for me to prove that he’s not going to just run me out of the places that I’m comfortable being to make his life easier.”

The most important thing is you and how you will feel. Perhaps you can go back to these old watering holes some day, but for now, I should think it would be fun to try new places, and make a new start.

Don’t concern yourself with him and his power, he’s gone, and you’ll be letting him back in, and playing his game, if you go back to those places. You have nothing to prove to him, or anyone else, simply detach and release. Concern yourself only with yourself, and your new beginning.

Take the high road.

I wish you well.