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An infidelity friend asks,

” Dear Addy, I have a gem of an article about advice for the newly betrayed spouse from the Chumplady site. The advice she’s referring to is the advice many infidelity sites give, to wait six months before making any decisions. This advice is rampant and each time I read one of these it makes me cringe!

The Chumplady has a way of using analogies that make some of the routine advice given on most infidelity sites to newly betrayed spouses utterly ridiculous when you look at them from her perspective. What do you think of this article and way of thinking?

The article I’m referring to is here:

I like her style of communication: straightforward with a shot of humour to ease the digestion. But her pill is a hard one to swallow for many who are in precarious life-changing situations and who seek to reconcile, as her mantra opposes reconciliation.

It’s a perspective that newly betrayed spouses could benefit from, if they are dealing with an unrepentant cheating spouse, or issues that cannot be resolved. But to those who’ve awoken from a train wreck and desperately need to gather their torn off limbs, it’s not likely to enter their realm. Sometimes we have to trudge through the mud, to cross over to the grassy knoll.

However, if one is dealing with a cheating spouse who is unrepentant, her advice sends a powerful message that can help many move onto the next chapter of their life.

I believe reconciliation is possible and each situation is dependent upon many factors.