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An infidelity friend asks,

“My husband and I work together. He left almost a year ago out of the blue, couldn’t tell me why but the month following, moves into a new place with the other woman. He has since kicked her to the curb and acquired a new, younger girlfriend. The other woman, the one he kicked to the curb, is now due to deliver what she claims is his baby in two weeks.

People at work know we are separated but they don’t know about the other woman or the new girlfriend, or the new pregnancy. Hubby and I still talk on a daily basis, we have to since we work together. We are trying to figure out how to announce the sudden appearance of his new baby in the coming weeks.

We still attend work functions together, I’m still his wife, he’s still my husband. But this new baby is something neither of us know how to announce. It isn’t fair to the unborn child to keep her a dirty little secret. Hubby should be able to be openly proud of his daughter. Any suggestions would be appreciated.”

It would seem to me that this rather unfortunate unborn child is not the only dirty little secret flying around the office, and you seem to have no problem enabling your husband or his dirty little secrets.

My heart goes out to this child, born unto a father, a man who can leave his wife, out of the blue without telling her why, because he’s made off with another woman who he’s been cheating with for six months, who he then dumps, finds another, younger model, only to discover that the one he dumped, he got pregnant, because he doesn’t use protection, and now he has a living souvenir that he has to deal with.

I’m appalled at both of your behaviors, but especially at yours, the betrayed spouse, a survivor of infidelity, adhering to this circus of emotional dysfunction. Your husband’s behavior, however, is quite acceptable for that of a scumbag.